Tuesday, June 7, 2011

City Girl

I am definitely a city girl. I don't like the country and I don't like being outside unless it is at the beach or a city. Drew, on the other hand, is a country boy. He grew up going to his Granddaddy's farm Prairie View all summer every summer until he was a teenager. He loves tractors, fishing and being outside. We couldn't be more opposite there! So, it is important to Drew to go to Prairie View a lot in the summertime and share that side of himself with Juliana and Natalie. This is not something I usually look forward to. Normally, I grit my teeth and deal with it. However, when we went two weeks ago it was actually pretty fun. We got yummy Qdoba on the way so that is a great start!!! We played board games and spent time together with no computer or TV on. The next morning we went to see the cows. Our dog Bailey kept barking at them and scared them away so no good pictures. The girls sat on the 4 wheeler.

I forgot the helmets so no rides this time. Natalie loved the tractor and finding worms with Drew for fishing.

We went to visit Drew's great Uncle Weldon at his cute store in Shelbyville. He is 92 and still comes into the store everyday. It has lots of sewing supplies and fabric so we picked some out to make cute t-shirts for the girls soon.

We found a fun playground and a little Mennonite grocery store and got a yummy chocolate snack. We built lots of fun memories and I am actually looking forward to going back!!

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