Saturday, October 24, 2009

former teacher

I was a teacher for ten years before I became a happy SAHM. Every once in awhile I get hit with a wave of missing my teaching career. Today was one of those days. I went to J's first preschool parent teacher conference. I have never been the parent, only the teacher in the whole conference thing. It went well but I was kind of sad because it made me miss it, only the good part of teaching of course. Not the teaching to the test, bad kids, bad parents, etc. So, when both kids were asleep I went through some of my teaching materials. I was determined to find books to teach J to read. Did I mention she is only 3? I just felt compelled to be apart of that world again. It was good though because it got me to look at the mound, extremely humongous mound, of teaching supplies that are sitting rotting in the damp molding basement. It was good to remind myself to do something about it or I won't have any materials to use when I do go back to teaching someday. I removed exactly 4 books, 1 binder and 1 shoebox. That really helps. But maybe I can get J to read or maybe I will get myself in gear to do something with the never know!