Sunday, November 21, 2010

red hair

Before I had children I never really paid attention to babies or kids. If I saw a cute baby, I might have thought what a cute baby but I never went to the mom and said anything. I certainly never paid attention to hair color until I had a little girl with red curls. Every single day we go out and Natalie gets so much attention. She gets people of all ages and men/women who stop and go on and on about how precious she is and her pretty hair. This is great, what mom doesn't like to hear that about her child? But when Juliana is also there my heart just aches for her. Sometimes, the person complimenting Natalie will say something nice about Juliana. Most of the time, though, it is all about the red hair. Who knew this would be such a big deal?? I just hope that I can build my big girl up so that she doesn't grow up feeling like she needs to have red hair to be pretty.


  1. They ARE both darling... When someone leaves Juliana out, perhaps you could say something like, "Yeah, a cutie like her big sis!" and SMILE... They will likely agree a give her some attention, too. Just a thought. ;D

  2. Oh gosh this broke my heart! (visiting from UPB, by the way)

    I agree with Holly. I'm sure most people would get the hint if you gave them a little wink or smile.

    They are both really beautiful... you are so blessed. My son just turned one.

    Hope to see you over in my neck of the woods: